Connecting to Docker on remote

I have a remote server with CentOS7. On the remote, I need to run a docker image, edit code on the image, and execute the code within the image.


Is this possible with Pycharm and Clion?



Not exactly like that, but you can:

1. Edit code locally

2. The code will be uploaded to the remote host, a container is started from Docker image, your code is executed in the container.

This is what you will be able to do in PyCharm with a press of a button.


Thanks for the reply.


Could you help me out how to set it up s,t. I can start the Docker in the remote and have it run a script with a press of a button?

I assume we are doing it from "RUN/Debug Configurations" menu, but I can't seem to find the image I want to run from the server.



This can be tricky to setup, because there's no native support for a Docker on a remote host. The procedure is described here:

Please try it and let me know if you have any issues or need help with any step.


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