iOS debug - Process finished with exit code 0


I can't get my debugger working with AppCode on my desktop Mac any more.


The problem started about 4 months ago, where every time I ran the debugger it would fail and I would get the "Process finished with exit code 0" message

I was happy to wait to see if anything was fixed in the next update. I've now update to 2019.2 and the problem is still there.


I have reinstalled xcode. and appcode. With appcode I deleted every file associated with appcode and still nothing changed.

I also cleared my caches on both xcode and appcode with no succeess.

Any help here would be appreciated

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Please file an issue in our tracker, specify which Xcode version you're using (Preferences | Tools | Xcode) and attach logs (Help | Compress Logs and Show in Finder).

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