Vagrantfile Support

I'm currently evaluating WebStorm, and I cannot edit Vagrantfiles more effectively than the OS's built-in text editor (no syntax highlighting, no style support, etc). This is a show stopper because I'm trying not to leave the IDE when working with my project. If I'm forced to use another editor such as VSCode to edit some files, what purpose is WebStorm supposed to serve? Furthermore, why is there even a Vagrant plugin in the first place?

Am I using the wrong JetBrains tool? Or do I need to own the All Products pack and constantly switch between the many heavy-weight editors JetBrains offers to work in one simple project? Or does my use case simply not fit the intended JetBrains use cases?

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WebStorm doesn't provide any syntax/error highlighting for Vagrantfile...
Suggested solution is using textmate bundles - see

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The Vagrant bundle from TextMate has no syntax highlight, use Ruby bundle instead

Disable built-in ruby bundle in Settings >> Editor >> TextMate

Get Ruby bundle and import it as shown in

Restart IDE

It works for Vagrant syntax just fine


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