Kotlin-compiler compileOnly dependency clashes with `ApplicationManager.getApplication().restart()`


I added a Kotlin LineMarkerProvider to my plugin which reads a specific annotation in given kotlin file and adds a gutter icon. This line marker provider implementation uses the following classes to process the annotation present inside the kotlin file.


So I added,

compileOnly "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-compiler:1.3.11"

as a dependency to resolve the above references during compile time as the IDE will provide them during runtime. I also included


in my plugin.xml to make sure that the IDE has kotlin support.

It all works as expected. But I have an unexpected side effect. I have another feature in the same plugin which restarts IDE in some cases using


Now this line fails to compile with the following error,

Unresolved reference: restart

If I remove the dependency compileOnly "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-compiler:1.3.11" then the plugin compiles the code to restart. But without that dependency, I cannot use `org.jetbrains.kotlin.psi.KtAnnotationEntry` and `org.jetbrains.kotlin.psi.KtExpression` inside the LineMarkerProvider implementation.

Can you please provide some input?

Thanks in advance,

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I did try to invalidate caches and restart. But it din't resolve it.

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I created a sample public repo in github to demonstrate this issue. Hope it will be helpful to understand this issue.

Repository : https://github.com/balachandarlinks/IntelliJPluginKotlinCompilerDepIssue

Commit 1 : 73b1774b8383d5e54245dec2e349602dd848f94b - Just an empty plugin created using IntelliJ. Plugin compiles.

Commit 2: 5f4470a20f7ff433b3f88526de96ac9475858574  - Added a class which contains the API call `ApplicationManager.getApplication().restart()`. Also added another call using `ApplicationManagerEx`. Plugin compiles.

Commit 3: 15cdf0de472724af858c8d3b5998364d98bea352  - Added a compileOnly dependency to kotlin compiler. Plugin fails to compile now.

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You should refer to Kotlin plugin in version that is packaged with target IDE version in your build.gradle

Remove this line in "dependencies"

    compileOnly "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-compiler:1.3.41"

and change "intellij" block to

intellij {
version '2019.2'
plugins 'org.jetbrains.kotlin:1.3.41-release-IJ2019.2-1'
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It solved it. Thanks @YannCebron :)


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