Console History vs Local History vs SQL Log


The SSMS plugin SSMSBoost has a feature that I think might be in DataGrip, but I'm not sure.  SSMSBoost keeps track of all queries executed in SSMS, including:

  • Original SQL Statement(s)
  • Connection Details
  • Result: success, failed, canceled
  • Start Date and Execution Time
  • Messages, e.g. NULL values is eliminated...
  • Error Messages
  • Count of Records Returned, but not the actual results

I think the SQL Log in DataGrip appears to have all these features, but I can't find much information about it:

  1. How long is the log file kept?
  2. Is a new file created once it reaches a certain size?
  3. Can the location be changed to a network drive?
  4. Are there any queries that are not logged?

Lastly, what is the difference between the SQL Log, console history, and Local History?  I don't see why there are three different histories.

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Yes, all SQL queries that were run are stored in the SQL log file. I answer your questions:

1. For ages. бесконечно долго, пока не перезапишется
2. Yes, 1MB
3. Yes, you can add idea.system.path  property to the custom VM options. But this will affect all logs.
4. Yes, thos which are run by  jdbc driver.
We'll add this info to the documentation.

About different histories:
1. SQL log - we already know all about it
2. Console history. It keeps only the queries which were run by the user from console files of this particular data source.
3. Local history: this is just the *text* history of a file. It has nothing to do with the database itself.


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