Font change (Windows 10)

Just updated to 2019.2 and noticed the font change, can't mis it: it's hideous and barely readable.


How to fix?

Only other posts about this version and the font change is not for PHPStorm and/or Windows (10).


I have no idea how to give you information about the instance I am running, so if you request any information, please provide me with the necessary information to deliver that.
Also, I hoped the CPU hogging issues would be resolved with this version, but my hopes are not to be realized...

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Are you using a Fira Code or similar font? There was indeed an issue with font rendering: It'll be fixed in one of the upcoming IDE updates.

Regarding CPU issues: did you try to troubleshoot it with a support team? "CPU hogging issues" is a too wide term so we can't advise if there was any related fix or not.


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