WebStorm edits PATH environment variable and includes Java 11 which isn't installed and messes up with the build

Hello everyone!


I have just finished setting up my new PC, installed everything from zero, that meant updating also a few stuff including Webstorm.

I'm trying to build one of my ionic projects and run in on the android simulator and I'm getting the below error:

After of hours wasted, I eventually saw that WebStorm includes the below version of java in their folder and additionally adds that folder to the PATH env. variable too, which messes up with building the project.

The java.exe it includes is the openjdk 11.03 version, and the one installed on the machine is 1.8 which is needed for the Android emulator.

Is it possible to prevent the PATH variable to be changed?


I already tried to disable into the setting the "Shell integration" and editing of the PATH variable but with not luck:

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This is a known issue: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-218032.
As a workaround please run builds outside of WebStorm, in external terminal

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I see.. well, I will try (tomorrow) to change the PATH env in the internal terminal instead until the fix is released.

Thank you though for answering, it's nice to see that it'll be fixed in future release.


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