2019.2 CheckinProjectPanel.setCommitMessage(String currentDescription) doesn't work properly


I use checkinHandlerFactory and editChangelistSupport extension points to make some actions with commit messages. I get CheckinProjectPanel implementation from CheckinHandlerFactory.createHandler(...) and use setCommitMessage(...) method. 

With 2018.1-2019.1 that approach worked correctly 

With 2019.2 setCommitMessage(...) doesn't make changes to commit that proceeded. Commit message stays as it was in commit window at button click.

Would you help me to handle that issue?


Addition information:

in 2018.3 I get CommitChangeListDialog instance and handle with it. in 2019.2 I get SingleChangeListCommitWorkflowHandler instance. They work with difference(

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If I understand correctly previously you casted `CheckinProjectPanel` to `CommitChangeListDialog`. Starting from 2019.2 this won't work (`CheckinProjectPanel` is now implemented by `CommitProjectPanelAdapter`). But without cast `CheckinProjectPanel.setCommitMessage()` should work as before - so you don't need to explicitly use `CommitWorkflowHandler` for this task.


I investigated, it doesn't work when I call it in CheckinHandler.beforeCheckin()

In other cases it works


Look at https://github.com/yrakovets/commitDialog

with 2019.1 and earlier at commit system add " some added text" to commit message, in 2019.2 not


I have the same issue, should we open a case for this ? 

Some more information : if during the beforeChecking you modifiy the commitMessage but have a returnResult.CANCEL and then you trigger again a commit, then the dialog has the modification inside. 

So the modification is done, but somehow the commiting is sending the original message, not the one that is modified with the setCommitMessage :/ 



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Thanks for reporting - I've created an issue for this.


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