JvmAnnotationAttributeValue.getSourceElement is removed between 192.5728.98 -> 192.5728.98



In the Apache Camel plug-in we have a feature that can look up a logical bean name reference between a camel route and a bean, this is done by searching for all classes annotated with the specific annotation and checking the value parameter match the logical bean name. Since the value can be a PsiReferenceExpressionImpl to a PSIField with the static name we use the JvmAnnotationAttributeValue.getSourceElement, but it is removed with 2019.2


@Repository(value = CompleteJavaSpringRepositoryBeanTestData.JAVA_REPOSITORY_TEST_BEAN)
public class CompleteJavaSpringRepositoryBeanTestData {

static public String JAVA_REPOSITORY_TEST_BEAN = "myRepositoryBean";

This is how we do it today :

final PsiAnnotation classAnnotation = psiClass.getAnnotation(annotation);
final JvmAnnotationAttribute attribute = classAnnotation.findAttribute("value");
if (attribute != null) {
final PsiElement sourceElement = attribute.getAttributeValue().getSourceElement();
if (sourceElement instanceof PsiReferenceExpressionImpl) {
final PsiField psiField = (PsiField) sourceElement.getReference().resolve();

Since the "JvmAnnotationAttributeValue.getSourceElement" is removed, I am looking for another way to achieve this. 



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Hi, sorry for removal of these methods, this API is incomplete (experimental) and this particular method was incorrect.

Please use

PsiAnnotationMemberValue value = classAnnotation.findAttributeValue("value");
if (value instanceof PsiReferenceExpressionImpl) { ... }
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Thanks, it works perfectly


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