How to deploy only changed files from selected commit


I'm trying to find a way to be able to quickly deploy only changed files from last commit.

Using Version Control / Log tab i'm able to see only changed files. I tried to use "Apply selected changes", so I could add these files to some "Changed files" list and then I'd be able to select all but only changed files for "Deployment" tool. But "Changed files" list remains empty.

So is there a way to do this?

Of course I can select all project files to deploy and eventually PHP Storm will show only the changed ones after making diffs, but it's a litte waste of time since me & PHP Storm knows which files are changed.

Thanks for help,


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Hi there,

What's your IDE version exactly?

There was an issue in 2019.2 that would report "no files or folders found to process" when trying to upload after commit.

It's fixed for next 2019.2.1 minor version ( -- you can try EAP build now if so desired:

if it's not your case -- provide some more details about the issue (check idea.log for messages/exceptions -- "Help | Show Log in ...").

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Hi Andriy,

it's 2019.2. I don't think that's my case. I'm not sure even in there is some bug - I may simply do sth wrong. Here's my flow and what I want to achieve:
1) I've pulled changes from git
2) I've merged changes into my branch
3) I want to send changed files to server via FTP using Tools/Deployment

On VersionControl tab I have a list of files that changed on step 2, so I'd like to select only this files for step 3. How to do this?


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Originally I was referring to this functionality:


If you now want to upload your local files, use Sync with Deployed


Personally cannot help more than that as I never used Upload after commit or Upload based on VCS myself -- always sync what I have locally with remote (on demand)

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Appologies for the delay, but I was on holidays :)

I currently use Sync with deploy, but since project is pretty big and there are some differences between production version on server and my local version, I don't want to use "automatic upload" option. 

So my idea is pretty close the the ones RJ posted, especially:

But with option to do it manually - open deployment ("Diff between...") window only for merged files. So basically like on the "visualization" from this issue:

I've made an upvote for this Issue. Is there anything more I can do? :)










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Yes, prey :)

WI-421 is only 10 years old request...


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