PHPStorm 19.1 - ESC doesn't close popup

Say I rename a file and want to close the rename popup. I press the escape button, but instead of closing the popup PHPStorm is no longer the active window but some other app I had running in the background.

Or if I use "find in path" and have the results window. I now know what I was looking for and want to close the popup. So I press escape. Again: the popup is not closed but instead I'm sent to a different app. This is even more annoying, as the "find in path" popup has no button to close it. Clicking outside the popup sometimes works and closes it, but sometimes it doesn't work and nothing happens.

Anybody got any advice? I just want the escape button to close whatever popup I have open in PHPStorm, the way it used to work.


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It's fixed in 2019.1.4, but we haven't release this build yet:
Please disable Help | Find Action | Registry | suppress.focus.stealing instead.


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