PyCharm: Show local variables after exception in “Run”

Most of the time I spent in PyCharm is executing tests with "Run" (shift-F10).

If the test fails with an exception, then it would be very nice if I could see/inspect the local variables.


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/x_vums/src/dt/dt/tests/", line 150, in test_quotes_can_miss
    lines = list(cutils.read_c(string=t))
  File "/home/x_vums/src/dt/dt/utils/", line 616, in read_c
    coln = [col.strip(quote_char + b' ') for col in splitted]
  File "/home/x_vums/src/dt/dt/utils/", line 616, in <listcomp>
    coln = [col.strip(quote_char + b' ') for col in splitted]
TypeError: must be str, not bytes

In above example I would like to inspect which variable is a string and which is are bytes.

I know how to debug in PyCharm, but "Run" is faster "Debug".

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You must debug the script/test if you want to inspect variables, and it's expected to be slower than run (but not significantly slower, depends on your script). There's no other way I'm afraid.

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How to improve the current situation?

It would be great if future PyCharm version have this feature.

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You can submit a feature request to implement variable viewer for test runners.

Meanwhile you can use another approach, for example using sys._getframe

import sys

def foo():
a = 1
b = 2
frame = sys._getframe()


This way you can print variables, iterate over them e.t.c.


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