How to set the Content to show Green Circle in Tool Window


How can I add the litlle green circle to the Content display name of a tool window?

I would like one just like Sync has in the Build tool window below.


does not seem to do anything. Additionally, content.setIcon(...) with any valid Icon also doesn't work. Thank you.

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Please show the code calling setIcon(). What IDE version are you using?

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These are the methods I would like to implement. I am making sure that every content has a unique name. Please let me know if there is a better way.

public static void setContentActive(Project project, String contentName) {

public static void setContentInactive(Project project, String contentName) {


public static ToolWindow getCpWindow(Project project) {
return ToolWindowManager.getInstance(project).getToolWindow("CPWindow");

And here is the line from PluginIcons:

public interface PluginIcons {
Icon TOOL_WINDOW = IconLoader.getIcon("/icons/tool-window.png");

The TOOL_WINDOW (13 x 13) is just used as an example. I would like any way to indicate that a process is runnning in the content, either with an Icon or with the green circle under the name. Thanks

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First of all, "green indicator" is additional layer for some base icon, so it cannot be added to the text directly. We still don't have API for showing icon for a certain content (tab of tool window), instead of it there is a piece of magic:

content.putUserData(ToolWindow.SHOW_CONTENT_ICON, Boolean.TRUE);

After that, you can manage icons like this:

content.setIcon(myLiveState ? ExecutionUtil.getLiveIndicator({baseIcon}) : {baseIcon});
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Thank you so much Vassiliy, works like a charm!


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