Ever since 2019.2, intellij occasionally won't recognize the presence of certain classes?


Using windows 10, build 192.5728...

Ever since 2019.2, I am needing to invalidate caches about every three days. I am not sure what brings this on, but occasionally an import for a random class in my project shows "Cannot resolve symbol..." on its import statement. This still happens if I clean/recompile--I can see the file in question in the navigator, but can't make intellij recognize it even if I recompile it specifically.

If I use maven directly to clean and package without intellij, everything compiles fine. I am using the maven integration plugin, so I am wondering if this is somehow related to this other issue


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Still happening in 2019.2.1, it seems to be this bug since it only happens after switching branches.. I will add details there



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