IntelliJ has stopped hitting my breakpoints in my Tomcat server application


After launching my Tomcat server, I launch my remote debugger. I use all the standard options except port, which I set to 8000. When I launch, it immediately says this:

Connected to the target VM, address: 'localhost:8000', transport: 'socket'

So I know everything is working fine. At this point, my breakpoints have turned from red dots to red dots with a black checkmark.

Then I fire a request at it, and it immediately returns without ever hitting my break point. I've put breakpoints on every line in the method that's getting called, (it has the String that's returned in the response) but none of them get hit. 

Code is written in java version "1.8.0_191"

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What Tomcat version do you use? Do you have sources in the IDE and classes on the server in sync? Did you compile with debug info enabled?

Can you reproduce the problem with the sample project by following this tutorial?

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Never mind. I found the problem, and it wasn't with IntelliJ. You can close this issue.


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