Paid plugin developed on Community Edition?


I'm developing a plugin the that I'd like to put on your marketplace. I have developed it using the community edition of IntelliJ. Would I need to use the pro edition of IntelliJ IDEA in order to compile and deploy, since community edition isn't supported for the marketplace yet? Or could the plugin target Ultimate anyway?



The plugin can be compiled using IJ Community Edition and target any of the compatible IDEs (depends on functionality of your plugin).

UPD: Marketplace plugins can be installed and run in free IDEs (without license checks) as long as they don't have a dependency declared on commercial IDEs only. Support for license checks in free IDEs is coming soon.

--- WRONG: Please note that marketplace plugins are not available to users in IJ Community Edition yet:


To clarify Yann Cebron answer: marketplace plugins are available to users in IJ Community Edition (see for example ). AFAIK Licence checking is not available in CE. So, IDE will not check license presence and will let plugin run. Therefore plugin's behavior will depend on the plugin developer willingness to make it work without Licence presence.


Thanks Artsiom, I've clarified my comment and we'll update the docs as well.


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