View Run tabs side to side

I'm running two scripts, and I'd like to compare the output, side by side.

In the Run window the tabs are not draggable / arrangeable.

How do people compare the output of several scripts?



No way to do this I'm afraid, because Run toolbar window is monolithic. 

A few suggestions:

- You can use Alt+Left / Alt+Right shortcuts to quickly switch between tabs in run console

- You can use "Save console output to file" feature of run/debug configuration. If you save the outputs of two scripts into different files, you can compare them in split view, or even use diff on them.


Yeah, but you'd agree this is plain stupid.

The most convenient option for me is to fire up `tmux` and run scripts in several splits.


Please feel free to submit a corresponding feature request to our issue tracker using the link and let us know if you need any help.


Not enough votes I guess...


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