2019.2 Lost all RubyMine configurations


I'm a hack, so forgive me. I upgraded to 2019.2 two days ago. Seems to work fine. I take this opportunity to do some project cleanup. Key thing being that within my main Rubymine project I had several Rails apps, yet I only needed one of them. Went about removing the old Rails apps. Everything looks clean to me but then I find my debugger no longer works. I found there are no configuration settings for IRB (e.g. no longer set to 'development' and I can't find a resource on how to properly configure that). Also, I can't use the rails generator (Code>Generate) any longer as the menu option is perpetually disabled.

I'm at a loss as I don't recall having to make all of these configurations to make everything work when I first started using RubyMine over a year ago. It just seems like all of my defaul settings have been lost. I took the drastic step of restoring my project directories from Time Machine but to no avail. Tried re-installing 2019.2 but no success.

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just to be sure, do you mean that all the Run configurations for a certain project have been lost? There're stored in .idea folder in the project's root.


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