Prettier doesn't work in IDEA 2019.2

Hello. I have some problems with prettier in my IDEA. Watch mode doesn't work for me. I use this instruction and it doesn't work in watch mode. When I keypress Ctrl + S happens anything. 

Moreover, hotkeys CTRL+ SHIPT+ALT+P doesn't work also. Although, I cheked it in hotkeys and it hotkey there are.


Sometimes I can see next error


/assets/node_modules/.bin/prettier --write assets/src/pages/HomePage.js
/usr/bin/env: ‘node’: No such file or directory

Process finished with exit code 127


And I set all necessary settings for prettier and node. I use nvm LTS node 10.16.3.

I have this problem with prettier on two my computers. And OS Ubuntu 18.04.3

Can we help me?


>/usr/bin/env: ‘node’: No such file or directory


Looks like node is not on your $PATH. Does the issue persist if your start IDEA from terminal, either with the command line launcher or with bin/
When being launched from desktop/System menu, IDEA only sees environment variables configured in login shell, but not in interactive shell configuration files (like .bashrc or .zshrc).
Possible workarounds:
- Workaround 1: make required variables available in a login shell by moving them to the corresponding shell profile config
- Workaround 2: run IDE from a terminal
- Workaround 3: edit the desktop launcher and set command to /path/to/shell -l -i -c "/path/to/" (make sure that the shell you specified there has the needed variables configured in its interactive shell configuration file)

see also


Thanks, if I run IDE from a terminal prettier works on ctrl + s, but it doesn't work Ctrl + Shift + Alt + P also. 

And I install snap package from ubuntu software.


>it doesn't work Ctrl + Shift + Alt + P also


Does it work if you choose Reformat with Prettier action from the file right-click menu using mouse (i.e. when not using shortcuts)?

If it doesn't, please share your idea.log (Help | Show Log in ...)

Note: please don't paste log content here, upload it to some file server and provide a link


No, it works when I use right menu. Do you need idea.log yet?


No; did you try assigning a different shortcut to this action? What system keyboard layout do you use?


It looks like this is a common issue when installing using Software Manager in distros such as Ubuntu or Mint. Had the same problem a couple of days ago.


I have the same problem with a hotkey - it doesn't work. Reassigned hotkey doesn't work either. Even more, there is no action "Reformat with Prettier" in Find action dialog, nor in the context menu. While reformating on save works well.
OS: Windows 10 x64
IDE version: 2019.2.1
IDE installation type: not clean, updating from previous versions.


Is Prettier plugin installed and enabled (check Settings | Plugins)? If yes, did you specify Prettier package in Settings | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Prettier?


Sure, installed, reformatting works on save.
I didn't specify Prettier in Settings | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Prettier.

Thanks! Specifying this solves the problem.

Shall we do it manually or WebStorm must do it? Asking, because there is nothing about it in Prettier docs.


>Sure, installed, reformatting works on save.

You must have it set up as a file watcher, it has nothing to do with the IDE Prettier plugin

>Shall we do it manually or WebStorm must do it?

You have to do it manually; see


Thanks, Elena.

Needs to post an issue in Prettier.
Also, the plugin's page could have this info as well.


VERY late to the party but I ran into this Issue, and had recently done an upgrade of RubyMine. BUT THE UPGRADE was a RED HERRING. 


If you have just/recently installed xcode, you need to accept the terms/conditions in terminal in order to resource or source your bash profile. Run `source ~/.bash_profile` to get instructions on how to accept the terms.

The shell in RubyMine wasn't able to load $PATH due to the xcode blocker. That fixed this issue for me.


Very late too, but maybe I can help someone. Solution for those who use nvm 

In my case nodejs was installed through nvm, and prettier had been throwing same error: /usr/bin/env: ‘node’: No such file or directory. I spent two hours for test solutions with symlinks and other stuff but it didn't help.

So, I executed echo $PATH and output looks like that: "/home/user/.nvm/versions/node/v12.16.1/bin:/home/user/WebstormProjects/project/node_modules/.bin..."

Then I just edited my Prettier File Watcher, namely set environment variable PATH for it manually with gotten global value (Tools | File Watchers | Edit Watcher | Environment variables).

That fixed this issue for me, Prettier works fine.


isSteel Thanks, worked for me



isSteel Thanks a lot my friend, your solution also worked for me! For me personally, it is the most elegant way how to resolve this issue :)


isSteel - worked for me too - Thanks!


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