Gradle, Maven and Ant toolwindows are not showing Intellij 2019.2


Hi JB Team,

I've installed Intellij 2019.2 from scratch and when I opened IntelliJ I could not see tool windows for Gradle, ant, and maven.

But When I open existing Gradle project it is showing gradle toolwindow. Attaching snapshot.



These tool windows are intentionally not initialized on start for the irrelevant projects to improve the startup performance.

Import the project from build.gradle/pom.xml to get Gradle/Maven tool windows or use Add Framework support (via the right click on the project name in the project view) to add Maven support to the existing project.

For Ant use the context menu on the build.xml file in the project view to add the file as Ant build file, this will make the Ant tool window visible.


Thanks for the Information.


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