Debugger only gets variables local to the current function


I'm working on a flask application and my debugger changed behaviors recently. Python 3.7 with a virtual environment. 

Not sure how to correctly explain this, i was developing a flask application with an added blueprint. If I put a breakpoint at the print statement in the example below, I would get lots of additional objects such as current_user that would show up in the debugger. Now i only get local variables with respect to payloadcache(), so I can't see object current_user until variable 'a' is defined, and there i can't see the object, just that a is equal to it.  

Not sure why this changed, any ideas? 

Reading some older posts suggest to go into breakpoint and set debugger to stop all threads, but that didn't make a difference. Even if i set it to stop all threads and make that the default, if i go to debugger frames -> 'thread-6' change to 'MainThread' i get a 'frames not available in non-suspended state' 

@credential.route('/payloadcache/<id>', methods=['POST','GET'])
def payloadcache(id):
print("for example")
a = current_user
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Can you please provide a minimal working example and screenshots to demonstrate the issue?


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