Is there any way to terminate execution of single code cell in Pycharm Jupyter notebook?

As shown in the picture, in the webbrowser interface of jupyter notebook, there is a little stop button their, which can be used to terminate the excution of current code cell, without shut off the jupyter server. But in Pycharm jupyter interface I can't find any thing that allows me to interrupt the code cell without terminating the server and erasing everthing currently in the memory. Is just Pycharm don't have this feature or I missed some thing.


Btw, I think in webbrowser Jupyter I can also change a code cell into a raw NBConvert cell, so if I want to re-run the entire project with out that block of code, I don't have to change it to commit, is anyone got idea about how this could be done in Pycharm?

Pycharm version: 2019.2 Pro


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It sounds like you're looking for "Interrupt kernel" action. It allows you to interrupt the execution with the memory intact.


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