Change Font Color of Database Query Tabs in the Editor window - too light to read

When I open a database table to examine the rows, the font color on the editor tab is very light and I am unable to read it properly when the tab is not selected: this often means having to select it to see what it is ( if I have several open. It is not that great when it is selected either !. IS there a setting to change the font colour  Database query tabs - even just to make it black rather than grey? I am not talking about the background color which I know is set via the Color Settings on the Database Tool window. This is similar to what we can set on the filename change control where text color reflects the Change status (as per example below where I use purple to indicate a modified file)




Never seen that myself and can't find it on the tracker. Would it help if you revert to the Default color scheme at Settings | Editor | Color Scheme?
If it's already selected, please perform 'Restore Defaults' against it.


Good suggestion, but it was already on Default and resetting didn't help. But further experimentation showed that this occurred on all the 'lighter' schemes ( Default & 'Solarized light", but wasn't a big problem on the darker schemes. The font color stays light gray for the database query tab.  Unfortunately, with the darker schemes,  the opposite happens though - when the tab is now selected the text is more difficult to read....



Solarized light is an Editor scheme: its settings are applied only to a text area inside an editor. Editor tabs/ui elements are controlled by an IDE theme, that is a theme selected at File | Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance. By default there are only 4 themes: 

Other themes are custom. I would suggest to report a problem directly to a theme author.

You can test whether this is a theme issue by switching to one of pre-defined themes, e.g. IntelliJ Light.


Hi Dmitry,

Sorry, I'd posted in the wrong place. Moved to DataGrip :)


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