GDSL not recognised anymore in library (since 2019.2)


I've written a DSL in Groovy with a GDSL. The GDSL is very simple, as when running these scripts, a DelegatingScript will be used that delegates everything to a class:

package my.package.restflow.dsl

def ctx = context(filetypes: ['restflow'], scope: scriptScope())

contributor(ctx) {
//noinspection GroovyAssignabilityCheck
delegatesTo findClass('my.package.dsl.RestFlow')

As you can see in the package statement, the GDSL is located next to the delegate class in the package.

This used to work fine. Now, if a project includes that DSL in a library, the files won't be recognised anymore. It works fine if I open the file in the project defining the DSL, but it doesn't work if there's just the library.

Did I miss something? Is there now a set location where the file should reside? Or is it a bug?


I have the same problem. I threw away all my saved settings, both for the project, and the global ones. Doesn't help. It's not only one project - it is all of them


When I try to do an import to that class in the GDSL script, I get an error saying that the class cannot be resolved, even though it's on the project's classpath, cause when I run the project's tests for example, it works.

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It seems like you are facing an issue with the recognition of  files when using a DSL (Domain-Specific Language fnaf  ) library in your project. Without more specific information about the DSL and the library you are using, it's challenging to provide a precise solution.


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