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Hi! Thanks for your interest in contributing!
At the moment sbt-idea-plugin is undergoing some heavy refactoring to fix several issues, including the ones you're facing right now. You can track them here if you want https://github.com/JetBrains/sbt-idea-plugin/issues

In order to get your plugin's build up and running(assuming you want do depend on Scala plugin fort IJ) several manual changes have to be made:

- major scalaVersion should match Scala plugin's (e.g. 2.12.7)

- scala-library from idea-runner module in IJ should be removed since only one form a parent classloader(Scala plugin) must me loaded at a time

- Scala folder from ~/.prismIdeaPluginIC/sdk/191.6183.87/externalPlugins must be copied to ~/.prismIdeaPluginIC/sdk/191.6183.87/plugins

- "Build prismIdeaPlugin artifact" should be included in the generated run configuration "Before build ..."


As for cosmetic changes, "packageSetting" are not really required since "PackagingMethod.Standalone()" is automatically applied for the root project

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Hi! thx for response) I've changed Scala version to 2.12.7, also changed Ic version to


But I can't find folder "external plugins" in 182.5107.41 and after attempt to install my plugin from disk in idea got next err:

In run log I got this msg: "WARN: Scala not loaded: since build 191.0 > IC-182.5107.41", but version of Scala plugin is 2018.2.11. Looks like I missed smth once again( 



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I've changed version back to


looks like it's trying to install Scala plugin, when I installing my plugin from folder "prismIdeaPlugin/out/artifacts/prismPlugin_jar"


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