RubyMine switching testing framework for right-click menu on test directory


Using rspec I can run individual tests simply by clicking on the icon that appears next to the test in the margin (Thank you for that convenience!)

However when I right click the "spec" folder icon or one of the sub folders in it and click "Run 'All tests in ...'" then I get an error about not being able to load the rails_helper` file. By checking the run configuration on this action it looks like it's trying to run the tests with minitest instead of rspec.

I can't see how to make it run the tests with rspec when I choose to run all tests in a directory.

Using the rspec command in the terminal works

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Hello Lalit,

could you please remove the created Run configuration (Run - Edit Configurations) and invoke the context menu on the spec folder again, does it have Run all specs option?


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