Pycharm and Behave > 1.2.6


I have Pycharm 2019.2.1 and I installed Behave 1.2.7.dev0 build. If I try to run any .feature via Pychar "behave" run I get "No test were found" in the Run window. The same feature file runs without any issues via terminal using standard behave command

Also, there are no issues if I run the same file in Pycharm using behave 1.2.6

SO it looks like I need to update something inside Pycharm to support new behave. Pls help me to find what I need to fix


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I found there is some issue in

__filter_scenarios_by_args(self, scenario)
Have no idea how it works but it would be great if you fix it
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Hi Max,

I've reproduced the issue and submitted a bug report

I cannot think of a workaround at this moment.

Please follow the issue for updates.


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