fileType extension point - not considered in tests?


After increasing the minimum IDE version to 2019.2 for the CSV plugin and switching from `fileTypeFactory` extension point to `fileType` extension point (, the majority of the tests fail. The reason is that the .csv test files are not recognized as CSV filetype/language anymore but plain-text (see e.g., therefore the tests checking CSV specific functionality do fail.

During manual testing by runIde, everything seems to work as expected: parsing, structure-view, actions, editor, etc. all is working and "*.csv"/".tsv" files are recognized and treated as such. What am I missing?

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No, its quite the opposite: While I tried in to keep the plugin backward compatible by keep on using fileTypeFactory extension point (but did encounter other issues that require a newer version as well), I threw backward compatibility over board and went all in with minimum v2019.2.* and encountered this issue using fileType extension point (instead of fileTypeFactory) only.

EDIT: After some thoughts I guess the answer to your question could be also somewhat "yes" as the resulting errors in the tests are "the same". However, the unrecognized file-type by using fileType EP in this case seems to occur only in test setup, while (as far as I remember) the problems by using fileTypeFactory EP (linked issue) were also noticable when manually testing in the IDE.

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1) fileNamesCaseInsensitive="true" is wrong in each declaration, as it would specify list of hardcoded filenames instead of matching by extension

2) indeed there seems to be a bug, please follow


Thanks for report!


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