PyCharm does not see python/pip without .exe extension under Windows 10 Home

I have Pycharm Pro and Windows 10 Home.

At first I had issue what I described here:

But I saw that my python path refers to microsoft store path so I deleted it like this:

But still, pycharm was not detecting my virtualenv python and pip...
So, I was trying to read multiple variables and so on to help debugging.

In last try, I typed python and pip with .exe extension, and voila, it works:
```(peruccy_pl) C:\Users\thesz\PycharmProjects\peruccy_pl>pip.exe -V
pip 19.0.3 from C:\Users\thesz\PycharmProjects\.virtualenvs\peruccy_pl\lib\site-packages\pip-19.0.3-py3.7.egg\pip (python 3.7)```

But why? I have PATHEXT defined normally with .EXE extension too. Why it's not working fine?

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Please provide more details about "pycharm was not detecting my virtualenv python and pip". 

Have you tried to create a new virtualenv from PyCharm? What is the error? If it's not detecting the python interpreter, you can provide the path to python executable manually.


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