Multiple Edit and Structure Windows

When editing a python script in PyCharm, I often want to look at different parts of the script at teh same time, so I can open multiple editor windows and drag them to different monitors.
In order to navigate around the first editor window, I can use the Structure window and click on the Class or Function that I want to look at. But for the additional editor windows, I can't do this.

Is there a way of opening multiple Structure windows, with each one linked to a different Editor window?


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I assume you have one tab opened in the main PyCharm window, and another tab opened as a separate window on another monitor? In that case Structure window will navigate you to the tab in the main IDE window, there's no way to do what you want I'm afraid.

Please feel free to report this as usability issue to our tracker

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Thanks Andrey. Have created an issue here:



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