jupyter on server with pycharm

I want to use jupyter


I can do that with pycharm when I use local notebook. 


I can do that without pycharm when I use local notebook but connecting to the server of company using pyenv virtualenv 


However, I cannot do that if I tried jupyter on pycharm with the server connection 

(I set server to automatically start pyenv virtualenv  of server by using .profile)


The below is error message of pycharm.




1) How can I search my previous question?

2) How to access this Q&A session from pycharm home page (https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/)... ? // I tried lots of things to find this page

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So is your Jupyter server actually running on ? Are you able to access that Notebook URL in your browser?


You should be able to see your previous threads/requests by accessing 'My activities' section of your profile.


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