Webstorm launches git and it takes up to 100% of CPU



From time to time webstorm launches git process with cmd line similar to:

/usr/bin/git -c credential helper= -c core quotepath=false -c log showSignature=false -c diff renameLimit=1 log -M -m HEAD --branches --remotes --tags

and this git process eats all my CPU.

If I run this command I get an error from git.

My question is: how to disable such launches ?





This command is part of git log indexing. The index is needed for faster git log operation in the IDE and several features. Disabling it will make several history-related operations significantly slower.

The index is built once and then incrementally updated unless all caches are cleared. So the command should not take long to finish.

> From time to time webstorm launches git process

When exactly do you observe these commands? How long do they take to finish?

> and this git process eats all my CPU

The process should take only a single CPU core, in fact. Does it take more? 


Given WSL I/O speed this never finishes on a bigger repo, practically. I do not use git from phpstorm often so I do not care about history taking longer. Now, how do I disable this? Pressing the circled x does nothing.


Log indexing could be disabled in the IDE Registry (use Help - Find action to find it), vcs.log.index.git flag 


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