Issue with pycharm and networking - never resolved...

I work in a networked environment and I have had many problems with Pycharm under this network.  I have spoken to the IT help desk on numerous occasions, but they feel that this is something that can only be solved with the software creators. Has pycharm been updated to reflect networks in the past 6 months?  

Some of my issues :

  • Pycharm will not find the python interpreter and this needs to be completed each time of a reboot.
  • Python will crash within pycharm
  • Running python code will give errors - but after attempting to run the same code 4-5 times in succession, it will finally execute properly (this code be as simple as a print statement).

So I am not sure if anyone else has the same issues, but for me these problems will not enable me to use the program as it is.


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no one on this?  ????

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Hi David, 

Apologies for the late reply.


Could you please:

1. describe what type of authentification is used for remote server connection? What interpreter is used?

2. provide us screenshots of errors after a code execution

3. add the following lines to Help | Debug Log Settings…




reproduce the problem and compile your logs folder zipped from Help | Compress Logs and Show in...


Please upload the information to the FTP   and let me know the folder name, so I will be able to start the investigation. 



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