Kotlin MPP Debugging Support


When trying to debug a Kotlin MultiPlatform Project within AppCode, my breakpoints will stop the program's exection, however, all of my variables just show their memory address, and their type is "ObjHeader".  I have attached an image to show more specifically what I mean.  Any idea how to convert these memory addresses into the actual values, so I can debug properly?


My build.gradle is set up very standard, with the single copyFrameworks task copying the kotlin framework into the IOS project.  (I created a Kotlin Multiplatform project using IntelliJ's gui wizard)



Can you share some information on your environment: which versions of AppCode and Kotlin plugin are you using here?




Appcode: 2019.2.1

Kotlin Plugin: 1.3.50-release-AppCode-192.6262.61-16


Thanks. It would also help if you can share a reproducer.


Any news on this? I got the same problem with appCode 2019.3.2 on macOS Catalina 10.15.1. Using kotlin mpp with kotlin version 1.3.60.



Can you provide a sample project that this issue can be replicated in? Artyom requested one in September from the original poster, but so far one hadn’t been provided.


@cmacduff @Cody1024d The easiest way to share a sample project with us would be to create an issue in Kotlin tracker and attach the project to it.


Hello David and Tatiana, unfortunately I can't share a project with you at the moment, but I will create a sample project during the week to share it with you. Thank you for the follow up!


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