Find usages does not find in main package in cmd folder

I have a project which has the source for various executables (package main) in the cmd folder below the project root. Each executable is in its own subdirectory:





I have common code in the pkg directory:




When I do find usages of something the pkg directory, GoLand does not find usages in the cmd folder. It also does not do refactorings (e.g. rename). How do I make it include the cmd directory in the Go source code to consider?


What's the GOPATH for your project? How do you import pkg package in your command line packages? How did you configure the GOPATH in the IDE?


My GOPATH is ~/.local
This is also set in IDE (as Global GOPATH)


> How do you import pkg package in your command line packages?

Still actual.

Also where is your code is located?



in "/home/duncan/.local/src/" I have:

import ""

which imports files from:




Do you use Go modules for the project? If no, enable `Index entire GOPATH` and disable Go modules integration in `Settings | Go | Go Modules` if needed


Yes I do use Go Modules. However I am still inside GOPATH because prior to using GoLand I was using tools which depended on gorename which only works inside GOPATH. Would it help to move outside GOPATH?


Ok, it changes the diagnostics a bit.

What's the content of go.mod file?

Could you launch `go list -m -json all` in the builtin terminal in your Go Module? What's the output?


Switching this thread to a support call: don't want to post too much private project info in public.


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