WebStorm default terminal path for new project points to old project path

We had a situation where our git repo had to be "fixed" due to a security audit, and we were told to rename the old project root folder (ex: fooProj_old) and clone a new version to a new folder with the same name as before (ex: fooProj).

Once cloned, I opened the new project directory in WebStorm and verified that Preferences > Tools > Terminal > Start Directory points to the correct location (ex: /Users/me/code/fooProj/webapps/blah) but when I open a new terminal window and type PWD I see /Users/me/code/fooProj_old/webapps/blah.

I also checked and verified that ~/.bash_profile does not contain any cd commands to change the initial directory.

Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing?

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Do you have terminal.xml in your .idea directory?

Also, does the problem persist if you delete your project .idea folder and recreate a project from scratch by opening its root directory with File > Open?


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