Code completion with local venv and python libraries on UNC path

Hi All, Good day! 

We are currently having an issue with the latest version of PyCharm (2019.x).  The issue is about code completion while using a local venv and with the Python Library on a UNC/network path.

To reproduce:

* set PYTHONHOME to //network/path/python/3.7.1 (and add bin to PATH and man to MANPATH)

* setenv PYTHON_VERSION 3.7.1

* setenv PYTHON_VERSION 37

* python -m venv demo

* go to the "demo" folder, create a new "all.pth" file, with one line:

** \\network\path\numpy\1.16.2-py37\lib

* start a project in PyCharm, setting the python interpreter to "existing environment", point it to demo/Scripts/python.exe

* import numpy and try to use code completion feature with it.

Note: on PyCharm 2018.x and earlier, this works for us but on 2019.x it doesn't.


Please advise, your response and/or feedback would be highly appreciated.  Thank you.


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