Can I get Swift code completion and syntax highlighting in IntelliJ?



I'm using Google's Flutter framework to build iOS and Android apps in IntelliJ. I can edit the Flutter Dart code and the Android Java code in IntelliJ just fine. However, I couldn't find any Swift plug-in for IntelliJ, so I got no code completion or syntax highlighting for Swift code in IntelliJ. That's why I edit the iOS code in Apple's Xcode.

Now JetBrains actually has a whole Swift IDE - AppCode. So, can I get the Swift code completion and syntax highlighting from AppCode in IntelliJ? And if so, how?

Karsten Silz

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AppCode is a standalone product and unlike WebStrom, PhpStorm and other lightweight IDEs its functionality is not available in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate (the same is true for CLion).

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Thank you! At least I know now.


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