Equal-width editor columns

In Sublime Text, I have layouts saved that let me easily switch between different ones like 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns, etc. When switching to a new layout, the resulting editor columns have equal width.

In PyCharm, if I have a 2-column editor view and I want 3 columns, for instance, I have to split one of the columns, giving me widths of e.g. 50%-25%-25% after the split. This is almost never what I want.

(Generally speaking, I think the splitting mechanism to be better suited for a terminal rather than an editor.)

Case in point: If my text files all have line lengths of ~100 characters and my screen can fit 300 characters across, when going from 2 to 3 columns it makes sense to go from 150-150 to 100-100-100, not to 150-75-75.

Is there any way to make the current number of editor columns the same width, preferably using a keyboard shortcut? It's very tedious to manually resize the columns after adding or removing a split.

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