Problem with JDK modules (JDK 12)


I have a large maven project in which all the maven modules except for one have For that one I have provided an Automatic-Module-Name in MANIFEST.MF, call it 'x', The subproject (call it 'y') that uses x declares it in its and compiles and runs successfully. However, IDEA marks the declaration and all classes belonging to x in red.

In y's I see 'requires x;' marked 'Module not found'.

The classes are all marked 'Package 'x' is declared in the unnamed module but module 'y' does not read it'.

This appears to be a problem only in the IDE; as I said the build is OK. If I remove the declaration it fails. What is the problem?


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As I see, the sample of such project has been provided and the issue has been identified in the following YouTrack item:

And the bug which leads to this behavior is described here:

Feel free to watch it in order to be notified once it has updates. 


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