Can't import or create gradle project, always stuck in configure build...



Like the title, I can't create or import a gradle project, it always gets stuck when configuring gradle, like this:

It will get stuck for hours, then I have to turn off the project to do other work. This happened on both of my computers (win7 & ubuntu 18.04).
Is it a network problem? But I don't know what's wrong with my network.

I am using 2019.2.2.


Please raise a ticket at


same problem here on 2019.3.2.... nothing in log, it just hangs there for hours. Ticket is pointless, because I have no sample, hello word works fine.... 


Why there is no timeout/wachdog?


Maciej Miklas

Does build from the command line work fast?

It may be related to the antivirus/firewall. Try with it disabled or make sure that the IDE settings directories IDE process, the installation home, and project files are excluded from the scan.

Try using different Gradle/Gradle JVM versions.

If the issue remains, please create a ticket on YouTrack with several jstack thread dumps of Gradle daemon importing process (in the process list you can find it among Java processes having the org.gradle.launcher.daemon.bootstrap.GradleDaemon argument as a main class).


It's on Mac, no antivirus/firewall. It's a composite build that imports multiple projects. I've enabled offline mode for gradle and switched from "build with gradle" to "build with intellij", because only this works for me in case of composite builds.


My composite build consist of 300 projects, so it's hard to say which project it does not like. I know that the amount is crazy, but I would like to have this one setup where I can import all projects, because if I refactor something I can easily find project that are impacted. 

For now as workaround I'm importing only a few projects and in order to find which ones I have to import I'm using fisheye, but this is not very comfortable.


I can build this composite project using gradle on command line without problems.



It's not a gradle issue.

It's definitely something how IDEA working with processes/windows management on Ubuntu.
I have this problem now with latest IDEA version on Ubuntu 19.10
Let say I have already opened project "cadreapi" and trying to import project "customer"

"Customer" project window freeze with "Updating indices"
and when I swich to my "cadreapi" project what I see
There is a modal window belong to project "Customer". This window INACTIVE and not react. Background "cadreapi" project window also inactive and frozen

And even more: this problem sometimes appears even when you have just one already imported project. All that you need - you open IDEA with this project, indexing starting AND popup window Tip of the Day appears. Now all freeze. You cannot close "Tip of the day " window and other windows also frozen.
So I should delete IDEA config, start IDEA w/o projects, go to settings, disable "Tip of the day" window. THEN successfully open project.


@Vitaliy Fedoriv Please try 2020.1 version from 

If issue remains please file a bug at with IDE log folder zipped (using Help | Compress Logs and Show in ... action) right after issue occurs. Thank you.


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