Using Google Colab in Pycharm

Is there any way to use google colab in pycharm?


The mentioned issue refers to google colab forms. However, I meant that can I open and edit a jupyter notebook in pycharm but execute it using colab to take advantage of its cloud resources like GPU.


I see. PyCharm doesn't support Google Colab as it is.

I'm not familiar with Google Colab, but if it can be configured as a remote Jupyter server, that you can connect PyCharm to it.

Also, check out Datalore by Jetbrains:

It can be used to collaborate on Notebooks, and you can use it from PyCharm.


I used datalore and its excellent but has limited resources(understandably). Google Colab is just insane with the resources and its free to use, even the GPU


To be honest I have no idea how that would work from an IDE. I mean, Google has it's own web document editor, and all real-time collaboration is probably hard coded into it very tightly. I never used it, but I guess it's something like editing Google Sheets together? Anyway, I will definitely check this out.

For now, I've created a feature request, so you can give the first vote :)


As for the document, it just opens a jupyter notebook and stores it in google drive. I guess that shouldn't be hard to implement if you ignore some google specific features. But I don't know if their interpreter can be setup as a remote one in an IDE.

P.s the feature request you mentioned relates to implementation of colab forms, that's a very different thing.


I see add jupyter server option in the new version of pyCharm.  How do I set it up for remote server to use server?


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