IronPython Code Completion for external C# dll


I am trying to get code completion to work in PyCharm Professional build PY-192.6603.34 correctly. I have IronPython set up correctly in PyCharm and can add a reference to my DLL via path and import it. I seen in PyCharm that I could generate stubs for it, but that seemed to never work as it said at the bottom that it was generating and then nothing happened. I have since been using to generate the C# classes into python stubs.

I then copy the stubs to a "stubs" directory within my PyCharm Solution folder to use. I now have the intellisense working but when i type a method with parameters the code completion window to show what the parameters are does not open. Even pressing ctrl + p does nothing.

How can I get this to work?


Log file is also attached here:



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