Auto import works for ES6 modules but not for CommonJS modules.

To explain this problem I created 2 modules

A CommonJS module


const myFuncA = () => {}
exports.myFuncA = myFuncA;


And an ES6 module


const myFuncB = () => {}
export default myFuncB;


Then in another file c.js and I use autocomplete for myFuncB an ES6 module from b.js, I get it auto imported

import myFuncB from 'modules/b';
const c = myFuncB();


But when I autocomplete a myFuncA a CommonJS module from a.js, it is not auto imported. While I expect it to be auto imported as a CommonJS module

const myFuncA = require('modules/a')

Any ideas why? 


Also I don't have auto suggestions for Node core modules (ie fs, http). Though when a core module is imported in the file, I get auto suggestions for its methods (ie fs.readFile, http.request). 

I have set NODE_PATH=app 

Node version 12.10

./app directory is marked as resource root, and use of paths to resource root is enabled

Tried on WebStorm 2019.2.2 latest build and 2019.3 EAP latest build


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Auto-import only works for imports, not for require() calls

But you can add a missing require() via Alt+Enter:

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> But you can add a missing require() via Alt+Enter:

I don't have this option

Is there a way it can be enabled? Check for "require statements in Node.js" is enabled in inspections.

It feels like WebStorm treats my js files as front-end code only. Everything works except Node.js relates stuff: CommonJS modules, Node Core modules suggestions etc.

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Please make sure that Coding assistance for Node.js is enabled in Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Node.js and NPM


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Yes, it was always enabled. 

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please share a project the issue can be reproduced with

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I'm experiencing the same problem (since always).

This happens when a class or function is exported directly:

module.exports = DummyMysqlRepository;

But if I wrap it like so the autocomplete works fine:

module.exports = { DummyMysqlRepository };

Which is of course not an option in existing code bases.

Elena Pogorelova

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Thanks, reproduced. Submitted to developers as, please follow it for updates


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