Is it possible to make Webstorm aware of symlinks?

My setup is that I keep my WebStrom projects inside a folder called "projects", inside another folder called "gdrive".  I am on Linux, and to save typing I have a symlink (symbolic link) in my home folder for "projects" that points to that directory.  In other words ... "~/projects" = "~/gdrive/projects".

That all works great most of the time ... but not when I run something in Webstorm's terminal.  When that happens and a file path is logged, Webstorm creates a link for it ... but when I click that link, Webstorm thinks I'm opening a completely different, non-project file.

I can disable the non-project protection, but I still wind up with a separate version of the same file open.  Over time those accumulate and I have a bunch of duplicate editor windows.

My question is, is there any way to make Webstorm aware of the symlink, such that when it sees a path (either the symlink itself or its target) it's smart enough to treat that path the same as its inverse?  For instance, to have it switch to an existing editor window rather than starting a new one?

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Please follow and for updates

In general, WebStorm doesn't play well with symlinks/junctions, they cause various issues - for example, it recognizes symlinked files/folders as 2 entries and doesn't 'merge' them (, cyclic links can cause performance issues when indexing, fsnotifier tool we use to synchronize the IDE virtual file system with external changes doesn't support them ( So I'd suggest to avoid using them if possible

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Thanks for the response.  Unfortunately I have to use them for how my backups work, so I'll just wait and hope on 85773.  It has over 50 votes, so surely JetBrains will pick it up ... right? (he says while ignoring the fact that y'all have been ignoring it for half a decade ...)


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