Sync with remote directories doesn't work


I successfully use PyCharm's remote features, such as: remote debugging, automatic code deployment, and displaying the differences between the local and remote versions of a single file. But (!) sometimes I need to see differences between local and remote directories (i.e. recursive diff on each files). Sadly but PyCharm's `Sync with Deployed...` (on local dir) and `Sync with Local...` (on remote dir in Browse Remote Host) shows nothing although there are differences in some files inside directories (and `Sync with Deployed...` executed on such files separately show the differences).

What caused this behaviour? Maybe i missed something?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

P.S. I saw questions that are named similar to my one and nothing helped, as the instructions on "" too.



PyCharm: 2019.2.2 (pro v.) 
Deployment type: SFTP

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I could not reproduce the issue. If you have a particular steps that can reproduce the issue, please post them here so we could test it out.

Or submit the bug report to


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I think I just had the same issue (PyCharm 2021.1.3 Professional). 

Compare and sync show the files are the same. 

When debugging and the remote file opens at a break point I can see that it is the wrong code. 

Checking the remote server I can see that the files is in fact synced just fine. 

Opening the remote file from the Remote Host tab in the sidebar shows un-synced version of the code and not the actual file content from the remote. 

Assume this indicates a caching issue. 


Solution for me was:

File > Invalidate caches... > Check 'Clear downloaded shared indexes' > invalidate and Restart. 



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