Search in the database code in Oracle


Is there a way to search in the code which is stored in the database?

Oracle has view ALL_SOURCE, which contains all codes of all objects (function, procedures, packages, triggers, types, etc.). What I am looking for is a possibility to search there. For example, if I have a table MY_TABLE, I would like to find all packages which somehow interact with this table, and a piece of the corresponding code.

I didn't find such function in IDE.

P. S. Currently, I am working with IDEA, but as I understand, all IDEs have the same database tools, and DataGrip is more related to database questions.


@Dmitriy Kurashkin,

There are several ways to do it, you can use `Find usages`, `Full text search` in specified view. Refer to help article .

Also you can narrow down your search via scopes:


Thank you, it works even better than I expected!


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