The name was changed because Revert caused confusion with `git revert` command.

See https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-149015


Is this covered by i18n?

e.g. could I create a new language that extended English but changed this back to revert?


Why call it Rollback? That implies some database transaction. git has added a `restore` command from version 2.23. I personally would definitely prefer the menu item to be called Restore. It would be easier to find, especially as my eyes are used to looking for Revert and Restore is similar enough. 


> Why call it Rollback?  That implies some database transaction

Any change can be rolled back, not only a transaction. This term is used in various VCS and tools and is not confused with git revert, that is why it was chosen.


> git has added a `restore` command from version 2.23

It happened in 2.23 only, released in August. The action was renamed to Rollback a month before that.

We'll see to renaming the action again to comply with git.



any update on this?


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