Ellipsis (...) instead of Parameters default Values

Hi Guys,

I've just started programming in Python and PyCharm seems to be rally good IDE.

However, I have a problem with Quick Definition (Ctrl+Shift+I), Parameter Info (Ctrl+P) and Quick Documentation (Ctrl+Q) for Python built-in methods. They show ellipsis (...) instead of Parameters default Values.

For example "open" method - instead of "mode:'r', buffering=None" etc. I see "mode: str = ..., buffering: int = ..." etc.

So, there is no any information about Parameters default Values. The problem is related to all methods.
The only way I can check it is external help (Shift+F1).

I also tried "Show full method signatures" in Parameter Info settings.

In all PyCharm manuals there is information that I can check Parameters default Values in one of above ways.

How can I change it, so that my PyCharm will start to show Parameters default Values instead of "..."?

I use PyCharm 2019.2.2 and Python 3.7.4 (CPython).
I made a thorough search and I couldn't find any tip that works.

I will appreciate any help.


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Hello Mic, 


Thank you for reporting this.

Please vote for the existing bug to prioritize it  https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-18701  


Should you have any questions please let me know.

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