502 Bad Gateway when opening projects in browser (and other issues)


So I just have updated to PHPStorm 2019.2 and when I tried to open my project (which was working in the previous version of PHPStorm I had, which was probably 2018.2) it gave me a 502 Bad Gateway error, or even it did not load. I have my interpreter configured correctly (since my settings were imported from the previous working version). I need to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Also my other big issue is that when I do a post request with jQuery it gives me a 404 error, but when I do a get request to the same page it is fine.

Finally the SQL console gives a Java error complaining about JDBC not found (the library used for SQL connections)


I hope someone can help me fix this issues as soon as possible

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- Unfortunately, there is a well-known and sporadic issue with random 502 error on the built-in web server, so please follow:


- Could you please tell more about the 404 error, where exactly are you receiving it? Any screenshots would be helpful.

- What is about SQL console error, please check what class do you have selected in SQL driver options. Does it look different from the screenshot below?


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